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15″ low profile steel body with snap rings  $149   ca. 1910’s to 1940’s

– 2 styles of 15″ steel bodies are available,  hi and low profile. Both are near exact copies of the originals and can be used with any of the 15″ lenses.  It is purely a matter of personal preference.  They are the highest quality bodies on the market and are stamped as original, not spun. This creates a consistent size and smoother surface for paint.

**I do not recommend powder coating or high build paint (ie. automotive)  on the snap rings as this can cause fitting issues.  I use a light coat of flat black from a spray can.

** the bodies are bare metal and may have VERY light spots of rust from handling. These can easily be removed with steel wool or fine sandpaper in a matter of seconds. As with all surfaces, they must be cleaned thoroughly before painting.