Gilbarco Ribbed Trim


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Stainless steel ribbed trim  $53 ea.

CAUTION- the edges of this trim are extremely sharp!  I learned the hard way.

-2 versions;  single stud on back for all model 296 and some 996 pumps or 3 hole for model 996 only with twist lock door fastener.

-Model 996 with door release on the side of the pump uses trim with 2 screw holes (no centre hole).  This version is not  available but the single stud version will work fine.

-all versions come flat with curved ends to fit the flat door of the model 296.  For the 900 series pumps the trim must be curved gently to match the contour of the door.  This is easy to do as the curvature is very slight but please be careful as the edges of the trim can be extremely sharp.