Acrylic Visible Pump Cylinders



Seamless clear acrylic cylinders for Canadian visible gas pumps.

NOTE:  All cylinders are now special order.  Please call/email for availability.

-Custom lengths are available as well.

-blue tint available in all sizes by special order.  Call for pricing but approx. $200 up-charge.

1)  Service Station Equipment Co.  26.5″ x 12.5″ OD ( original OD is 12.75″ but ID is the same @ 12.25″)

-with 2 gal. markers    $659 (for single pump)

-with 3 gal. markers    $689 (for twin pumps)

2)  Gilbert and Barker (G&B) 29″ x 12.5″   $669

3)  Bowser 30″ x 12.5   ***Special order only***

4)  Wayne 31″ x 12.5     ***Special order only***